Aaron McCarthy

I have arrived in the goo-sphere; you and I are connected, you and I share the fear.
This capitalocene still has its new smell; green neoliberalism, urgent melding and softening of infrastructures to impede impending obstructions.
As much as I am most definitely of this place, there is a recollection of a another time. Goldblum, burning through pleonasm during the holocene.
I am required to up the language, up the ante, up the verbs, to accommodate this new situation. That’s not fair. It should just be about the geology, not the holistic system.
I will play devil’s advocate on behalf of objecthood, as witness to an apathy on the right to this place. And suggest there is a bipartisan witness to all of this, just not an active one.
Not good enough.
The previous occupants (current fossils) didn’t really care, no one was required to fund their perspective. The resource and source is in the dirt, seas and ice for us...
...As is an absorption of annihilation; I am a consumer of those flicks, those implanted dreams and I love it.
Our predecessors have been left there for so long, why can’t our excess just dwell with them?
The incoming Lightwater reactors aren’t so bad in comparison to the current Legacy, apparently.
My output field is larger than my outcome field.
I am not quite ready to accept this, that sphere ain’t ending anytime soon; it’s only gaining a fine patina.
The literalism present in this place is for your benefit (you have no choice) In this we are observers or victims or survivors.
We observe as we have trained for this; we are now habitually living perpetually in turbulence and can overcome #plight. You’ll see.

Visual/Written Response to Christopher MacInnes' Retina gothic, 2016
Presentation and discussion of text presented at Bookmark Reading Platform
Screened as part of New Pyre, Intermedia  Gallery, CCA Glasgow 2016